Happy Birthday! (To Q!)

Happy Birthday dude! 8)

Keep on being the coolest Q. C=

Curse you YoyoFoot!

You Mean The “Q-lest”

Birthday Happy Quinton! I remember when you were a baby :’( they grow up so fast

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!! Happy happy happy…birthday to you!

no noe remembers yoyofoots birfday :’(

Happy birthday Q-dude :wink:

happy b-day dude ;D

Even though I already told you Happy B-Day, I’ll say it again. Even the Good Doctor thinks its Fantastic!  :smiley:


seems a bit fitting

Happy birthday Q. Enjoy it man.

Happy “late” Birthday Q!!! You da best! Or is it the Beast? I don’t know…

Q…your VERY lucky i hope a pony pops out of my brithday cake when its my birthday…just had
to get that out :smiley: