Here’s my newest trick with my Madhouse Epic. It’s gonna be featured in my new full length video being uploaded right now.

Please let me know what you guys think. Thanks!


first post again xD

nice trick you have there. I would love to find myself an epic…

The GT catch was cool! Can’t wait for the full vid.

The catch was an ultra fast ninja vanish. My full video is my 1 year video. That trick was the end of my 1 year mark. So, not all the tricks are quite that Epic… Haha but its a fun video

NICE! i’m at 14 months, thinkin you inspired me to make my first video(i also just learned ninja vanish)

That was sweet!!! I loved the GT catch thingy. Now to go buy an Epic…

If you like Ninja Vanish, check out my one year video I just posted in the vids section. NV is my favorite trick!