49 Days - my first video!!

i had a bit of time to document my progress in yoyoing.  not all the tricks are super smooth, but i mainly made the video for me as a documentation.

as the title suggests, i have been yoyoing for 49 days and had my Dark Magic for 2.5 weeks.

any suggestions or criticism is appreciated

SORRY FOR THE TERRIBLE VIDEO QUALITY… any program suggestions?

please tell me what you think of the last trick… its one that i invented

Amazing for only 49 days! You pick up things fast. I hope to see more of you in the future.

Only suggestion is quality (which you noticed).

Yeah, you are really good for the amount of time you have been yoyoing. :wink:

thanks! ;D i actually thought i was progressing fairly slow.

49 days is kinda a lie… cause i used to yoyo when i was like 6 or 7 years old with a Yomega Brain… couldnt really do anything though :stuck_out_tongue:

im digging that hair cut (: and dude your progressing super fast compared to some people.and yeah keep it up

Nice hair :smiley: nice trick at the end it looks sweet.

:o I cant belive you’ve onlny been yo-yoing fro 49 days. Way better than me at that time. I was still struggling with trapeez two months after i started. Can you make a tut on that last trick?

Ninja Vanish…

49 Days…

It took me forever to learn that… :o

pretty good!

yes i can make a tutorial for the last trick… i just need a better video program, and then ill do it. asap

yah, i spent WAY too much time on that trick… its really tough to do

yeah… its one of those easy look- hard do tricks… as for video quality, just stand facing the sun… it works wonders… as for the tricks, this has already been said, but great job for the amount of time. I mean, it took me a long time to do some of that.

I just finished the tutorial of that last trick:

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A word of advice, you need to film all your tricks like you did the last one.
The video itself was pretty hard to watch, but just because you filmed everything(except the last trick) from really far away. Imposible to tell what’s going on.

dude sweet mohawk!!!

Have so many to say, but first I love the mohawk.
Second we have the same first Yo-yo the Royal edition Dark Magic…
Third I like the last trick.
I’m also new to the Yo-Yo-ing world and LOVING IT.
I have only been yoyoing for 3 months to 4 months…
I think your progress is the same as mine but a little better.
Friend told me I learned tricks fast and i was impress.
Well i just wana say Welcome to the World of Yo-yo-ing

Yo-yo Rules

Nice video


that was incredible for 49 days.

thanks alot!

i also just started perfecting my Slack Trapeze today. i can get the slack to land about 1 out of 2 trys now! :slight_smile:

thanks alot for the positive feedback everone! i really appreciate it!

really? I was doing rock the baby’s when I was at 42 days. You’ve got skill to progress that fast. Keep it up!