My Quest To Find The General-Yo Unicorns

So my quest to find the General-Yo unicorns continues. The unicorns are the OG Torrent and the 1st Run 5 Star. I have seen some in my time, but I have never been able to capture and keep one. So my search to find one continues… God Bless - Moefv

Man those first run five stars…they are held on to way too close lol. My goal above all else is a Purple Heart Ministar(for obvious Military reasons). now THAT is likely to never happen, but I think you’ve got a chance at your two.

I would say you’re more likely to get a Purple Heart MiniStar than one of those. The people that own those (OG Torrent, 5 Star) that still throw to this day will not likely get rid of them. The thing is that a lot of people that own those have stopped throwing and now they just sit collecting dust, which is disappointing. If you could find one you’ll be super lucky, because those seem to be more rare than Peaks. You’ll see a Peak every once and awhile for sale, but you never ever see those two. I would say you have a much better chance at getting a Purple Heart MiniStar because it’s not really a piece of General Yo history and a lot of throwers own ministars.

Yeah… I have come extremely close to getting these but no cigar for me… God Bless - Moefv

Guess it was good timing, but I just sent a message to ernie saying “DO you have an OG torrent or any 5 stars for sale” (2 weeks ago) he saidi he had a V1 5 star only 130$! I jumped at the chance. SO glad I got lucky, now the og torrent is another story, I would also LOVE one, I would practically give up my collcetion for it. It would COMPLETE my general-yo collection.


I’ve been trying to find an all black 5*v2 for years. Only 5 made

Ernie actually offered me one of the all black 5 Stars, but I didn’t have enough money at the time… God Bless - Moefv

Collecting general yo is becoming harder and harder…

The BST has zero on it!

anyway, I’m not really trying to collect too many older ones. An OG torrent would be cool, but ain’t gonna happen. I’m interested in what’s to come… It’s only gotten better.

General-Yo has gotten way bigger and has gotten a lot more hype! Many people now own a General-Yo. Ernie deserves it. He has worked very hard. God Bless - Moefv

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Yes, very glad I started collecting before he got what he [Ernie] deserves(Sounds bad, but I mean the publicity and popularity), they are more collectible than diamonds it seems!

If only they sold in more than one run so that more people would have the chance to try them