Original 5-Star

I used to own one, and I traded it away. While I do like what I got in that trade, I miss it so much. Does anybody know who has one? I know Yoyobrothers on Instagram has one, but I’m not sure how I’d go about offering for it and even then they’re huge collectors so it’s as good as gone.

I haven’t seen one pop up on here in a long time! I don’t know any owners but best of luck

There was one on ebay recently

expect to pay a hefty amount

See if you can figure out who bought it and see if he’s up to a trade.

I’ve been looking for one for awhile now. Believe or not this has been harder to find than an OG Torrent. I’ve actually had opportunities to buy an OG Torrent but have yet to come across someone willing to sell their 1st run 5 Star.

I don’t think that YoyoBrothers do much selling or trading. I’ve sold to “YoyoBrothers” twice. Both times to the same guy. One sale was my 7075 Chief… he bought it for his son. The last time was my Dingkface Canvas. They may do some trading, but I would guess only for something really special.