My Perfect yo-yo(s)?

ok well my birthday is coming up and my parents are getting me a yo-yo and so are my grandparents and i really don’t know what to tell them about which one i want… i know i want something with some metal but anyway heres some preferences:

Size and shape: Medium, and any shape butterfly and h-shape.

Weight: anything in the 60’s of grams

Response: anything than hybrid or friction stickers

Color: doesn’t matter

Tricks: Whips, String Tricks, Grinds

Hope this helps! ;D

A hatrick would suit you… so would an NVx.

pretty much the average metal yoyo would fit this. do you want something from certain companies? really the weight is the part you need to be more specific at. faster or slower and floaty?

i think a BOSS would be the perfect yoyo for you…

IT’[font=Verdana][font=Verdana]S A BEAST!!![/font][/font]

You think a Boss is perfect for everyone. lol