My One Drop Collection So Far

Here is what I have collected so far for my one drop collection. Goal is to have one of each and all 7, 7 summits
Here is another update


They are in order of production

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Ambitious I am doing the same for clyw minus the seven summits

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I thought about doing CLYW maybe after OD

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Nice! Here is my OD collection. 61 different models! Still looking for a Sovereign, Lab Experiment and a Wooly Markmont!


How much do sovereigns mib usually go for?

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Not sure. Never seen one MIB. I’d imagine 350$ would be a start though. MIB Citizens are a good bit more though. You looking to sell? :crossed_fingers:

I have the box with it I bought it for $200 shipped

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You got a good deal I’d say. Happy to help you turn a profit if you ever wanna sell!

Maybe if I find a lab experiment and I need the funds and this isn’t all my gf has 5 more onedrops she’s saving for Christmas and on for our anniversary Wednesday


Whatever you do don’t break up with her before Xmas!!!


I sneaked and seen one it was a 5000qv


That white/green Rally is gorgeous.

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She’s a keeper!


Nice, dude! I’ve just passed the half way point recently. I’ll be after a dingo next, it’s probably my most wanted throw at the moment. I was really annoyed that I missed one on the BST the other day.

This is gorgeous!

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There’s a yellow one on eBay for $50 go cop it up

Yo! Thanks for the heads up. I just grabbed it haha

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You guys may already have these but this particular seller has com cool looking one drops.

I haven’t thanks