FOR SALE: CLYW, One Drop, Rare G2

Hey all, haven’t been throwing much lately and have some serious bills to catch up on so I’m selling some of my favorites. Payments accepted through PAYPAL ONLY. Here we go!

First up is a MIB Blue/Steel One Drop Cascade. This guy is floaty and reliable on the string, an awesome addition to any thrower’s armory. Asking $90 OBO (ask about other side effects if you’d like)
Next is a Special Edition Crater Lake colorway CLYW/OD Summit. My buddy picked this up for me in Germany, it’s a really pretty silver with blue splash. There is a small nick on the one rim (I tried to take a picture but you couldn’t see it well). It does not affect play and is purely cosmetic. Asking $100 OBO (ask about other side effects if you’d like)

Next is a MIB RARE Mystic Space Albatross. I’ve been told there are only about 10 of these ever made. I’ve honestly been scared to use it a lot since its rare, which is a shame because the albatross is one of the best throws I’ve ever thrown. Fans of the chief and other large, solid, but precise throws will love it. Asking $110 OBO.

Last, is my precious Clareview Station New Avalanche. This is a first run throw and also my first yoyo ever. It is dear to me and I’d like to find it a good home. It does have a shallow but sizeable ding on the rim, but it does not affect play. Asking $95 OBO

Here’s avalanche and it’s ding.

one final bump. about to head out of the country for awhile, so this is last call!

back in the states! open to alloffers (other than trades).

bumping this old thread. these dudes are back on the market, I haven’t thrown in months and could use the money elsewhere. Hit me up! Prices Negotiable!

BUMP. Prices negotiable, get at me!