FS: Citizen, Evora, Anglam. High end throws.

It’s time for another collection purge! Looking to sell a bunch of stuff. Interested in selling, not trading. Willing to make deals for multiples, but otherwise there isn’t a ton of wiggle-room in the prices =).

No pictures yet, but I have some other high-end throws for sale:

  • MIB OneDrop Citizen #107 - $400
  • MIB Luftverk Evora R-SP - $350
  • Mint sOMETHING Anglam (red w/ silver rings) - $240

Will happily take photos for serious buyers :slight_smile:

YYR Laser
$190 $175 shipped - MIB. Unbelievable Aluminum/Stainless hybrid yoyo from Yoyorecreation. Bought direct from YYE, played with for a handful of hours. 100% mint, 100% awesome.

CLYW Orca - Zip Zap Rap

$120 shipped - MIB. Harrison Lee’s kickass signature yoyo in a funky colorway. Priced high because I like this yoyo and am happy to keep it =) 100% mint and smooth.

CLYW Puffin 2 - Ash Berry Blizzard

$110 shipped - MIB. In my opinion, Pali’s Puffin2 is miles above and beyond the original. Plays stunningly well.

sOMETHING 7075 Superfly Remix

$145 $135 shipped - MIB. One of the best sOMETHING yoyos I’ve thrown, in my mind it’s as good as the Anglam. Not 100% sure I have the box, so if I can’t find it, price is $135 instead.

General-Yo Blue Mountain Majesty
$95 shipped - NMIB. Beautiful colorway of a legendary throw. I have the box, and I thought it was mint when I took the pics. Going over it, I found a pair of matching scuffs (one on each rim) that blend right in with the colorway. I’ll take close-up pics for those interested.

YYR Mr. Butcher

$135 shipped - MIB. Really unbelievable yoyo. 100% mint, but there are some tiny silver ‘dots’ on the inside of the profile, right by the response pads. I’ve seen this on just about every YYR I’ve unscrewed, it’s something to do with their machining process I think.

Oxygene custom-anodized ‘Earth’ Oxy 5
$110 shipped - MIB. Part of an Elements series of 4, these rare gems are a beautiful take on the original raw Oxy 5 beauty. They play amazing, they look amazing.

OneDrop Clear Format:C
$110 shipped - MIB. My favorite OD of all time. Amazing player. The engraving that’s gathered so much hate is near-invisible in this colorway, and it’s why I chose it.

YYR Messiah - Red

$85 shipped - MIB . Gold gone, red still available. Only unscrewed twice. Bought from a trustworthy Japanese store, so guaranteed authentic. There are some subtle machining marks that I’m told is standard fare for YYR.

YYR Six - Black

$95 shipped - MIB . ONLY THE BLACK ONE IS STILL AVAILABLE. It’s mint as can be, having only been unscrewed twice. Bought direct from a legit Japanese company so this is definitely 100% authentic.

SPYY Speed Freak [size=8pt](2010 Worlds Ed.)[/size]
$80 shipped - 9.9/10. The only flaw I could find with it was a black marker-type mark. With water I got it almost invisible, doesn’t even show up in the pics. Plays perfectly, great throw. Bigger pics: http://postimg.org/gallery/8999iiwo/a84ab97b/

$70 shipped - 9.5/10, after intense scrutiny, I found a single scuff that nobody would notice unless they went looking for it.

Hspin Icon
$65 shipped - 7.5/10, there are 3-4 rim scuffs that made it through the anno, but otherwise excellent. Stephan Benjamin Signature yoyo.

Duncan Delrin Freebird

$60 shipped. Very unique, interesting Duncan throw - doesn’t play like anything else I can think of! It’s in very good condition, the caps don’t show any signs of wear or age, but there are a few subtle scuffs in the body.
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is the freebird large or small bearing?


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Bump! Been a while but everything listed is still for sale