FS: Monkeyfinger, Oxygene, SPYY, X^3 and more

Hi everyone, I’m looking to downsize my collection so I’m putting a bunch of throws up for sale. If you have any questions about the yoyos feel free to PM me. Yoyos are smooth unless noted otherwise and I’ve included some pictures for each yoyo showing their condition, link to a big google drive showing all of the photos here.

Fyi, I’m based in the UK so international shipping is usually £15 (~$20) dependent on country. I’m fine with Paypal F&F or G&S but you’ll need to cover the extra fee for G&S. I’ve given rough conversions of the price to dollars for convenience. Please note, the £ value is the price, the dollar conversion is just for reference.

I’m mostly looking to sell but yo-yos I’m looking to trade for/purchase:

  • Luftverk: Evora or Acadia (BTM or mono)
  • VsNYYC: Septopus, Moonwalker, Flying Hut
  • Atmos Ekta,
  • W1LD Wilderness 7075
  • Motion Elevated
  • Dressel Designs Emotion

Feedback thread here: Feedback for Lex

Anyway, onto the yoyos:


Big Dipper, grape - £15 (~$20)

A couple of scuffs and one manufacturing mark. Has typical plastic vibe.
More photos


Monkeyfinger Evil-Yo, YYE colourway - £520 -> £500 -> £470 (~$600)

Near mint with original box and pouch. There’s a surface scratch along the edge as pictured. Cannot be felt. Still smooth on the string.
More photos, including one showing the scratch (I have circled the scratch to make it more obvious).

One Drop:

Rally, red - £55 -> £50 -> £40 (~$50)

Comes with box. Has a small crack and some stress lines. Has typical plastic vibe.
More phots, including crack + stress lines


Oxy Ti 2011, raw - £370 -> £350 -> £315 (~$400) open to offers

Mint with pouch
More photos

Ozone, blue - £65 -> £55 (~$70)

Comes with pouch. A few dings, pictured, and an ano mark in the cup that it came with. Nail vibe.
More photos


Oni, pink £75 (~$95)

Mint with box (the box has some dog bite marks though)
More photos


Superfly, red - £120 -> £110 -> £100 (~$130)

Mint with box
More photos

The V, blue - £35 -> £30 (~$40)

Mint with box
More photos


Orbitron 5000, WYYC 2012 special edition - £80 -> £70 -> £65 (~$85)

Mint, no box. Has very noticeable vibe that can be felt on the string (it came with this vibe).
More photos / vibe test video

Pro, red w/pink acid wash - £55 -> £50 -> £45 (~$60)

A couple of dings, comes with box.
More photos


X^3 Stampede, black - £65 -> £60 -> £50 (~$65)

One pinprick, with box
More photos

Duncan Exit8 (monometal) gold - £15 -> £10 (~$13)

More photos

Sold yoyos:

1st run Chief, grey - £185 (~$230) - SOLD

A few dings/scratches. Comes with the original box. Has pretty noticable vibe that can be felt during play.
More phots / Vibe test video

Punchline Repeater, brown w/cream acidwash - £55 (~$70) SOLD

A couple of dings, comes with box
More photos

Yuuksta, grey w/silver acidwash - £25 (~$30) SOLD

One ding, no box
Profile photo

Project, anniversary edition, clear - £260 (~$330) obo SOLD

Mint with box
More photos

54, black - £60 (~$80) SOLD

Comes with box. One ding, has standard side effect yoyo vibe.
More photos

Vanguard, brown - £30 (~$40) - SOLD

Mint with box

More photos

Jazz-Yo Regulus, black - £60 ($80) - SOLD

Mint with box.
More photos

Yoyojam Phenom, red - £65 (~$80) - SOLD

Lots of dings around the rims, the caps are a bit faded and the gold rims have some oxidisation marks.
More photos

Orca, gold - £90 (~$115) - SOLD

A couple of dings. Comes with the original box/picture.
More photos

Blizzard, silver - £110 (~$140) - SOLD

Mint with box
More photos

Shogun, blue - £70 (~$90) - SOLD

Mint, no box
More photos

Sovereign (unnumbered) - SOLD

Mint with box, more photos on ebay.

Markmont Next - £140 (~$180) obo - SOLD

Several dings, nail vibe but can’t be felt on the string. Comes with box
More photos

Bakemono, black w/purple acid wash - £50 (~$60) - SOLD

Mint with box
More photos

Puffin 1, confetti colourway - £100 (~$130) - SOLD

Mint with box
More photos

Format C (original), red - £65 -> £60 (~$75) - SOLD

Mint with box
More photos

Samurai, purple w/yellow acid wash - £75 -> £70 (~$90) - SOLD

Mint with box
More photos

3YO3 Cosmo, acrylic - £55 -> £50 -> £45 (~$60) - SOLD

One ding and a couple scuffs on the rims.
Fun tidbit on this one, since I ordered it from 3YO3 a few years after the original release, this one has the axle system 3YO3 used on their later releases rather than the original runs’ axle system.
More photos

Glacier Express, Yogi edition - £150 -> £135 -> £125 (~$160)

Mint with box
More photos

Big Deal - £35 -> £25 (~$32) - SOLD

From the original, made in the USA, run.
Has a few dings. Comes with original packaging plus a bunch of special Mighty Flea/Big Deal string.

  • YYR Diffusion - SOLD
  • sOMEThING Addiction - SOLD
  • YYF Hubstack Afterglow - SOLD

Reserved second post for editing/bumps

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Of course the one I want is on ebay and i don’t do ebay…

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PM sent

Same lol

Update bump, so I forgot to list a few of the yoyos out so I’ve added these to the post:

  • CLYW Blizzard, silver, mint w/box - £110 (~$140),
  • 3YO3 Cosmo, acrylic, one ding and a couple scuffs - £55 (~$70)

The following have been sold:

  • OD - Project, 54, Vanguard are sold,
  • CLYW - Chief sold, Puffin is pending a trade,
  • Jazz-Yo Regulus is pending
  • SPYY Punchline Repeater is sold,
  • YYR Diffusion is pending
  • YYF Yuuksta is sold.
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How much is phenom?

YYJ Phenom, Jazz-Yo Regulus and YYR Diffusion are now sold.

First batch of sold yo-yos will be getting shipped out today.


Fyi for those interested in the Sovereign and Big Deal on eBay, they were mistakenly labelled as available for UK and EU buyers only but I’ve fixed that so they’re properly available worldwide now.

Up we go, last day for the eBay auctions of the Sovereign and Big Deal!

Orca sold
Blizzard sold
Shogun sold

Pm’d my dude


Sovereign sold!

Big Deal added to the original post, now at £35.

Bakemono, Markmont Next and Puffin sold

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Some price drops for everyone today :smiley:


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I made a feedback thread, so anyone who’s bought a yo-yo from me please leave me some feedback here :smiley: Feedback for Lex

Samurai, Format C and Addiction sold


Another round of price drops across the board!

To infinity and beyond!

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Glacier express still available?

It is available, yep.

Here we go again

Cosmo sold!
Glacier express sold!
SFX and Hubstack Afterglow also gone, end of the freebie extras.

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Hi I am from California in America, really want that big deal. How can we get this done?

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