my new yoyo vid 5a

that was good, I think if you give it a little more work then you will have a very smooth set of tricks, try to use the CW (Counterweight) more in your tricks, try to involve it more if you know what I mean

thanks for the tip i do need to use the counter weight more like throwing it thanks alot

was that eiffle tower on accident?

yes it was i do not know how that happened

yah, i thought you looked a little surprised, i’d look that over, it was a pretty cool combo.

thanks alot

i need to look that over

modify button my friend, modify button…

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Looks like you sort of did a Nunchuck, forgot to catch the other end it bounce back… you caught the string attached to the counterweight and held it out so when the counterweight swung around it wrapped around both strings… effectively making the Eiffel Tower. Uh… that maybe confusing but I was able to reproduce it consistently that way.


i still cant figure it out

You really need to stop double posting, It gets annoying.

i didnt when another comment is posted it goes to the top please worry about yourself and be quiet. but thanks for the concern…

nice vid and all but am i the only person that thinks the mask is weird?


that was pretty good!
did you just start 5a?

yes i have barely been 5aing