My new X-ConVict caps!


I made my own caps out of cards!! I know the inside of my rim is dirty, but the pic makes it look worse. :smiley:
The red one when it spins reminds me of strawberrys and milk… ;D

Tell me what you think!

(Kei) #2

Whoa that is so sick bro. Best caps I have ever seen!


Those caps are beast! They look awesome! :wink:

(M²) #4

that was a sweet idea. I think i’m gonna try that on my dm. They look great!


I did the same thing on my Profly!Thanks for the idea!



Looks like my caps I made out of I tunes gift cards :wink:


Good job man! I should really try that! Those are sick!!! :wink:


wow!!! that looks really awesome!!!
i wish i could do that!


That’s really cool. I do magic, so I could use this to combine my two hobbies.


do you like playing cards lol ;D