profly caps

I never liked the profly caps but I do like the profly. I normally buy these yoyos and wind up giving them away and then buying another but I’m going to keep this one. My girlfriend doctored it up for me today.

Very Nice Caps. :slight_smile:

Good Work Man

Thanks. I just gave them to my girlfriend and told her to do her thing. I think I may start wiping all of my duncan caps and letting her decorate them for me.

Could get her doing batches and sell 'em! :wink:

That’s not a bad idea. Cheap labor, too. We just talked about it. Gonna experiment with some colors and surfaces to see what works. The profly caps are more porous than the regular plastic that duncan uses. I have a flying squirrell that should be here any day now. Gonna try it on that and if it works I’ll mod (recess and add weight) some mosquitos and put 'em on the bst and see what happens.

Good idea! :slight_smile: I know I’d most likely grab up some Caps or Modded Throws. I don’t generally dislike Duncan caps, but adding more originality is always nice.

Good to hear. I’ll PM you when I post some stuff.

She decorated my FHZ.

Nice. What method did she use to do it?

Rubber stamps and permanent ink. She likes to make her own greeting cards. She’s got tons of designs but right now the only color she has in that permanent ink is black. I’m going to start wiping my duncans and let her go to town on them. I threw that FHZ for a few hours today and carried it in my pocket. It’s all staying on. Eventually I may make some stamps or mod some to create more options and images that are yyr.

Very Cool.