My new trick: ExoGenesis

Constructive criticism please! ;D

The way it was filmed, it’s hard to tell if it’s a smoothly-flowing combo or not.

A tried-and-true method is to do the whole trick once, as smooth and flowingly as possible, and then do the piece-by-piece breakdown afterwards.

The individual elements are cool, but let’s see if it all works together smoothly!

It looks more like 4 tricks done in a row rather than 1 whole trick

They looked good though, like Greg said, gotta work on putting it together more fluidly

it kinda is. But the tricks were a little out of the picture and also try to make it smoother. but it was a good attempt anyway

I filmed it at around 2 in the morning since it’s the only time it’s quiet in the house. I was just happy to hit it cleanly. XD I’ll work on getting a cleaner shot.

Good work on the trick. Like the others said, it looks like four separate tricks instead of one. I would honestly just make them each individual tricks instead of one big one. Nice work though.

It looks like 4 tricks but it also looks great. I would just get a lot of knots if I tried what you did. Great job!

Looking forward to the video of when you string all 4 together smoothly into one combo!

Or as already suggested… a “trick” can be pretty short. No need to make a whole combo! 4 separate tricks.