My little brother knows me too well


So I was getting ready to leave on my bike when I had to go back into the house for my backpack, as I was walking two little toy plastic plates caught my eye. Then I thought of there use of for a Off-String yoyo, as I was staring my four year old brother asked me what I was doing, I told him nothing… and he said, oh! You want to make it into a big yoyo!


Haha, thats awesome, howold is he? :slight_smile:


Nice… I’ve always wished I had a little brother.


4 years old.


Daaanngg, you guys are like 20 years apart(assuming your profile pic is you) :o


Nope, not me, although there is a few similarities, ten years apart.


I have this Gif favorited!


Yeah i tried to use it but it came out like that!


Lol. He also said this when I was coming home with him from the park. he just picks up these 2 plastic bowls, and says “WE CAN MAKE A BIG YOYO!” He’s so full of energy.