My (LeftyLink) SEC Freestyle

So a bit more than a week ago I competed at SEC, which is pretty much the regional contest for the Southeast and I placed 2nd and I thought I would just share my freestyle on here. Any comments or constructive criticisms are greatly appreciated and welcome  ;D

that was a pretty good freestyle. solid. Congrats on second place!

It’s good. Where’s the other TooHot footage… :wink:

That was a great freestyle, Darren. Definitely deserving of the 2nd place. Let me tell you though, you scared me a little bit because I know what the un-edited lyrics of that song are and I thought you’d be disqualified for sure if you didn’t cut it. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The music choice that most surprised me was Jon Rob’s. A$AP Rocky… Lord Pretty Flaco Joyde 2… Yeah… Not what I expected. I hope he goes to Nats.

Thanks you guys! And Amplified we don’t need to bring that up anytime soon :wink:

Poor TooHOT. You never hurt a soup. You will be dearly missed.


For though the free style was nice. Bangers?

Maybe at GA States. I have a small 3D trick that I might do on stage.

My grammar past 9pm suckks.

Well more than half of my attention is currently devoted to the WYYC stream so i feel ya haha

Am I not the only one staying up until 4am?

I stayed up till I think Chia’s semi and then called it a day