My Home Made Yoyo's

Little project from last summer.

As you can see I chose rock maple. It wobbles quite a bit. It uses an A size KK bearing.

Cool~ Good job. You could also try to polish it but it might not grind as well.
Looks good. 8)

Nice. I like the look! Does it play well?

It doesn’t grind well and I cannot find it.

It is a nice yo-yo

You think so? It’s vibe is about 3 times worse than a FHZ. Considering it’s my first ever I think I did well. Oh, I found it earlier.

it’s better than my first attempt. Do you have a lathe?

Mine was similar, but I modeled it off an 888 to an extent. Don’t have a lathe though, and I couldn’t find a good way to make the bearing seat. didn’t even think about just using spacers. instead I used a 1/2" spade bit. which worked… okay, but not really well.


And here it is! Said mushroom shaped throw.


You should make a tutorial! Those are so awesome! ;D

At least you took a shot at it.

It looks from the pix like the axle insert is a bit wonked. That could be a big part of the wobble issue.

I will if I get a lathe.

Well, you sure proved me wrong. I gotta try this some day.

The generally wobble a lot more than any FHZ I’ve tried. They can however, be tuned.

Oh, forgot to mention this but those grooves are for grinding.

If you don’t have a lathe the how do you make them? Or do you use a lathe that isn’t yours?

No, I don’t have a lathe.

How do you make them?

Woo! Necro!

Wow, I was just looking for this thread. Lol

Improvising with a drill. Currently working on another.

I know, I just wanted to know. :stuck_out_tongue: