My genesis is dead!

Okay, so i have my beautiful rain edition genesis sitting in my case but there is one problem: the response pads went out and it is unplayable. I think that the guy I got it off of (mitch if you’re reading this then lemme know) had it siliconed, the stuff was red and I have only gotten two yyf metals and they had k-pads, the genesis is a little bigger. But anyways, if I buy pads for it what size do I get and if I decide to silicone it, how do I go about doing it? With a caulk gun? jk, but serously, I need some help here. I’m yoyo-maintenance deficient. I also need to know how to clean my bearings.

u clean the bearing by taking the shields(those things
on the sides of the bearing which protect it) off then put
it in a plastic container or sumfin with a lighter fluid in it then
shake it around for a while(with the lid on obviously) ;D
hope that helped

Sili Tutorial.  He is using Red RTV Silicone.  Go to an auto-parts store and ask for it.  “I would like red RTV silicone, please.”

Cleaning your bearing.

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Or if you don’t want red RTV sililcone, I actually got my flowable silicone at checker autoparts and have seen them at autozone in the windshield area.

As stated, what you are looking for is some sort of silicone, whether that be the clear flowable or the red rtv stuff that choice is yours and they provide the same function. The Genesis comes with flowable silicone stock. Dv888 sized Kpads fit as well but I find that silicone is the way to go for this yoyo.

As a personal preference, I dont clean my bearings and I think that on the Genesis in particular it’s not needed. That being said, if you want to clean the bearing I’ve had the most success with odorless mineral spirits as the cleaning agent. Have an adult help you if you are younger.

Flowable silicone can be found at just about any auto parts store. It’s used for windshield repairs. RTV silicone can be found at most hardware stores.

i get red rtv at walmaet because its cheaper, but i havent seen flowable there and i would suggest flowable if youve never put in sili, its much easier. i prefer red and have gotten pretty good at recessing it but flowable is way easier.

nub question here but what does silicone do?

It makes it possible for the player to return with the yoyo tight binds without making it responsive.

Heeeeeeey, Miggy, what’s up man? Dude, I love your yoyo. I’ve had a couple multiple trade-offers for just my genesis. Everyone that I have let it throw has fallen in love with it. The rim weighting is perfect, and where it’s stackless/ postless that’s basically all of the weight of the yoyo (in the rims). I’ve been running it just with some thin lube, I haven’t cleaned it yet. I actually haven’t cleaned any of my yoyos. I have a beat legacy (that’s actually my girlfriends) that I let a friend borrow and the bearing on it is pretty grimy. So is it safe to clean a bearing if you lube it and re-shield it right after you clean it?

I got it off of a guy who had put red rtv silicone in it, which was nice but didn’t seem to last as long. I’d like to try out the flowable silicone. I have a kentaro, an 888, and I’m getting a boss in a few days and they all take the k-pad, so I might pick up a bunch of pads and try some on the genesis for a little while to see what it’s like. Thanks for the vid, JM, I work on houses and have caulked TONS of stuff, so I think I’ll be alright. It doesn’t look too bad, and worst case scenario, as long as I can keep it away from the axle then I can peel off the little pieces that are left on the side after you smoooth it out, right? And it’s supposed to still be a little recessed when you pull the excess off, also, right? Sorry for all the questions. I just don’t want to leave too much on there and it wind up responsive. Also, how long does it take to dry, 24 hours?

First things first, please don’t double post.

If you clean the bearing, make sure you dry it out very well. Then you can add the lube and shields.

If you get some silicone in the bearing seat or just anywhere that you don’t want it, yes you can just take it off with even your finger nail.

It can be a little recessed when you take the excess off, but the best is when it is flush. If you for some reason have it stick out quite a ways, you can take an exacto knife and cut the extra off.

It’ll take around 4 hours for it to dry, but for it to cure completely it will take 24 hours.

Hey Miggs. Its good to see you posting. I know its unusual for you but its still good to see.
Remember the grey Protostar you traded Brad that night after SCR? Well you were right. I didn’t like the red one because of the bearing. But the grey one is awesome. Now I need one. lol

Sorry for the off topic people!

Glad the protostar worked out. I still haven’t replaced the bearing in the red one lol.

i’m just not a fan of cleaning bearings in general really. In the early 2000’s it was a necessity to gain as much as you can out of the yoyo but now I think virtually all metals are more than adequate performers. But if you really want to, do what Brian said and dry it very well then you put the shields back on and add a thin lube. Also keep in mind that cleaning bearings decreases their life. Good luck.