My fly master is doing funky stuff!!!!!


ok so my fly master which i got yesterday already seems to have3 broken it wont screw back together does any one know how to fix This ! i want to offstring i know i could just buy one for ten dollars but i want to see if any one knows how to fix it


if it unscrews by it self it mostly you have a stripped axle buy some threadlocker blue and put it on the axlle screw it back on and dont open it alot


where do you get thread locker blue?


try a local hardware store and be sre to get blue because there is other onesĀ  this is what it looks like

(Mark) #5

Make sure you do not get threadlocker red or threadlocker green.



(Zer0) #7



ok, red means u have to use a blowtorch to get off

(Zer0) #9