My First Video

(Chase Baxter) #1

hey, my first video after 1 and a half months, its not that good, nor my best tricks, i barely did any, so no hater comments :smiley: and no to buddhafusion this isnt my battle

(M²) #2

not bad, just need to work on binds

(Chase Baxter) #3

Thanks :smiley: i kept doing the wrong way


Very nice video for 1 and 1/2 months. Keep up the good work.

(Chase Baxter) #5

Thanks, BTW i forgot to do most of my tricks :smiley:


oh aight tell me when u get ur vid up so i can do a poll and nice for 1month and a half just work on binds like m2 said :slight_smile:

(Chase Baxter) #7

i dont think i did tht good in this, im probaly gonna take a new video, but its funny, i did my first 4a bind and first 4a whip catch in this video both in the same one


aight are u doing it with ndragon?


hmm i started around mid-march too.
i might post a vid soon.
i’m thinking about doing a performance though. (a real one in june 25ish)
i can do almost all the tricks on the site but can’t get good combos down. (as in 99% of all sections except LE, Superman, and Hourglass (never took the time to learn)
Yoyo: 888x, Kickside, Legacy
and tips?


nice vid for 1 and 1/2 months
and yah you do need to practice your binds
but anyway nice vid


I wanna challenge you 2 a battle. I just started a month ag. What do you say.


who me or cbaxt98




oh i thought it was me!?
if it was you would beat me big time!!!


post a vid! i’ll make one soon!

(Thomas) #16

Good but work on your throws I mean I’ve seen worse and I’ve seen better but over all great vid.

(Themaskedyoyoer) #17

you need to work on your breakaways and stop throwing sleepers frontwards but pretty good for one and a half months


yah i agree

(Chase Baxter) #19

Don’t worry, got all the tips down I got from chat and here. Much better now :smiley:

(Themaskedyoyoer) #20