My First Video: PACMAN & Atari

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I started yo-yoing about 5 months ago. I really love it. I recently won some yo-yos in a contest and decided to make a video. My favorite picture trick is Pacman. Also featured is a combo I call Atari. I am not the most advanced. Tips on video making and yoyoing are welcome. First Post yay!

Yoyos used: MYY N12 and Duncan Strix.


I liked the combo. I guess as far as yoyoing advice… try to use more arm and less wrist on your breakaway. It’ll save you from future wrist pain/injury.


Nice job!

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Thanks. I’m glad you liked it. Can I really injure myself the way I throw?


Which contest did you win?

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The Yo Down Showdown in Farmington, NM. It was my first contest. It was really fun.

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Do you mean Minnesota? Or is there another Farmington in New Mexico…
About the yoyoing itself, picture tricks don’t generally score high in competitions. IMO the combo looked the same as the pic trick just with a few pops.

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There’s a Farmington in New Mexico. I probably wouldn’t do this in a competition. Think what you will of the combo, it really is a few pops, and a slack with the pic trick at the end. Thanks for watching and giving advice. Much appreciated.

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I gotcha now. As just a picture trick, I like it a lot :slight_smile:


nice hair :slight_smile: increase speed and it will be fine

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Thanks. Increase the speed on which part?


Probably not. I’m just kind of assuming that snapping your wrist that hard for long periods of time is bad for it.

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Alright I’ll try to use more arm. Haven’t had any problems yet though.


Nice stuff. You should try some techy tricks.

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What are “techy” tricks?


You’re fine then. I wouldn’t worry about it.

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Intricate stuff with multiple strings… Ladder escape is a good example.

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^ Where can I learn that?

Also anyone have any advice on video making and yoyoing?

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Nice hair.