My First Tutorial And Created Trick

How Is It? Too Fast To Keep Up? I Was Trying To Make It Short, Because Long Tutorials Can Be Frustrating. Please Give Me Constructive Criticism. I Want To Hear The Words Of The People!

That was great for a first tutorial!
The only thing I would add is to perform the trick once at the beginning before launching into the tutorial, that way people know what trick they are going to learn.

Nice job filming for your first time bud! Keep it up!

Anyway…Here’s my thoughts:

  1. Perform trick fully first so people know what they will be learning. (like Robin_Hood0999 said)
  2. Pause during each step a little longer.
  3. Show from multiple angles.
  4. Close again with the completed trick.

Other than that man… great work. You have done better then I could at making tuts. :slight_smile: