My first tutorial

Lemme know what you think about my first tutorial all feedback is good feedback!

What is my tutorial really that bad?

I like the use of first person perspective, but perhaps editing using other angles might help things be a little clearer.
Also, try to use very specific wording. I am fairly ‘green’ to yoyoing and found it a little difficult to follow. Slow down and take your time describing in very detailed terms.

Your personality in the vid seemed positive, enthusiastic and fun. That is really important. Your audience has to like you to learn from you. In terms of having a presentation persona, that part was a success.

As a first vid, it wasn’t bad. Keep at it.

Alright thanks I will work on that more!

I like it, I’ll work on the trick when I get home (stuck in school right now lol)

Man that sucks! Then again if your school is anything like mine the teachers don’t care if you have a Yoyo on hand once your classwork is done.

Naw, I think they’re jealous of my skills! XD

The first person perspective was good!

It would help if the wording was more specific and if you spoke more clearly and some slow motion and some different camera angles would add a nice touch

It was broken down into steps quit nicely as well

it was pretty good for your first vid id say 7/10

Good luck on your next vid ;D ;D ;D

thanks I will work on wording and such!!!

Few tips and questions-
Is the actual figure 8 trick the one where the yoyo doubles on the 1.5 first?
Based on what i see, you may need to make the trick a bit smoother, in order to get a good momentum going, perform the first step of Buddha’s Revenge and use the momentum of the yoyo swinging to the 1.5 mount to go into the trick.
Here’s a video of what I mean- I show both “variations” of the trick that i know of. Sorry for the quality, but i just made this video 5 minutes ago to visualize my tips. I also show the thing with the Buddha’s Revenge towards the end of the vid.

P.S. I really liked how enthusiastic you were when recording the tutorial. Keeo it up :slight_smile:
Like other people said, I would recommend a front facing angle of the trick and even maybe a side view.
P.P.S. You’re a lefty too ?!?!  :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

More camera angles with a tripod and speak very clearly.