My First Skate Edit

I finally got my camera set up and was ready to film my friends Skateboarding.

Give me some feedback :slight_smile:

Overboard with the fisheye cam.


^ yep.

Nice vid, decent tricks, too much of a distortion.

Reminds me of the video editor in skate 3. Uses the fish eye. I kinda like it.

I know, but unfortunately I need it, otherwise parts of the clip would be out of the angle, and when filming you need to get the skater’s entire body and the ground in the view, so the Fisheye is kinda needed…

Except that there are tonnes of videos out there that use lots of non-fisheye angles as well. There’s no rule saying, “Must see evarrthang all of the times”. When you have multiple cameras, it’s easier (well, except for having enough camera operators), so when you have only one, you have to cheat a bit. Same trick, same place, ideally chronologically very close together (so the light is the same). The head/face of the skater, the fisheye as a trick starts and goes to its midpoint… and then just the deck when landing.

That’s just a small example. Doesn’t have to be that elaborate if you just want some one-take stuff. Let’s take a rail-slide. You get reading with the camera pointed at the beginning of the rail. As the skater lands on the rail, you start panning or following (probably not, unless you have a steadicam) as the trick goes down the rail, with really only the board or knees-down showing.

Certainly you don’t need the approach, whole trick, and exit to all be in-frame all of the time. There are heaps and heaps of skate edits out there that hardly use fisheye! Studying them will get you to that next level.

Cool tricks, though! I always wanted to be a skater. I didn’t know that I needed a “real” board and by the time I figured out my gear just wasn’t right, the opportunity had passed.

That’s true, after all this is my first edit and I plan to try different angles next time

And thanks :slight_smile: