my first project~all the reviews

ok well this is my first project,
I will post all the links to all the yoyo reviews in abc-order:


big yo:

big ben:



grind machine 2:



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I know there isnt much but I will put a lot more I just have to go to bed

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Just to tell you. Its Project.

I was just about to say that.


ok ill fix that

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I don’t think this is necessary dude. We have a search button.

well a lot of people said this was ok so I will do it

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I’m not saying this isnt okay, I’m just saying, its not necessary, because we have the search button :-\

Yeah, I agree. A topic like this isn’t necessary, because we can easily do a quick search to find a review we want. It’ll also end up being too cluttered eventually, anyways.

well ok ill stop
let this thread die now…

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you can lock this thread you know.
there is a lock thread option at the bottom of the page.