My first (and second) polish job!


Hey guys just wanted to show off my first polish job. Just wanted to know what you guys think, let me know :smiley:
Thanks, Carl.

Originally a b-grade g5:

Next is my yyf protege. I only polished the rims because I love the color on this thing and the rims were kinda dinged up. Better pictures later.


Yay filter!


NICE dude! I love it!


Beast job ;D keep at it


Turned out pretty nice! Did you fingers turn black as part of the process ;D


My fingers, my clothes, my face, and somehow my iPod. More pictures up in a bit, thanks guys!


do you plan on doing this for money?


Yea if people are interested yea sure






Shiny. I like it!


Nice love it keep up the good work!