My first 888x Mod

Hey all, so as some of yall know i got a 888x from Blackhops33 for free after my Dv888 got scammed in the mail. Well this yoyo was pretty beat up, but still played like a brand new 888x! This yoyo holds a special place in my heart. Well the otherday i was yoyoing outside and my string slipped of my finger, need less to say the yoyo Took off, with lots of damage to the rims. So i ended up sanding the crap out of it and got about 90% of the damage out, and i can say this thing looks amazing! Got some polish and i can see my self in the rims, And for the Record i can grind for about 10 sec on my finger its crazy!! This was my first mod, let me know what ya think. This pix were takin on my camera phone, i might get new ones later. Thanks!

That is a nice satin and polish!! Looks even better than before! Blackhops33 is a very generous and kind person.

Looks like it came out nice. Good work.

hey man thanks, i was thinking about selling it, or seeing if anyone wants to trade it. Im looking for a Yuuksta or some other smaller throws. How much do you think its worth now that its sanded?