My fingernail fell off

Luckily on my right hand and I play left handed. Ring finger, strings dont go there often. Has this happened to anyone? How long does it take to grow back?

It just means you will turn into a griffon.
Talons are growing in.
Give it time.

Sounds pretty sick. When do the feathers come in?

give it a week or so.

Hey look man, it will be worth it. You’ll look all epic like this:

ur a griffon now use your powers for good please :wink:

Napolean… Gosh!

Umm dude thats a girl griffon, and as far as I know, hes a guy. ??.??

They end up looking pretty much the same ^ just different eyes and whatnot

My fingernail got run over by an ice skate once… it’s still screwed up 6 years later… Though, it might be hard to yoyo as a griffon/griffin/gryphon.

On the contrary.
You have more possibilities.
You not only have the front claws to use for your standard tricks, but then you have wings to add to the mix, creating a whole new type of yoyoing for yourself with endless possibilities.
Its amazing really.
I wish I was a Griffon.

You’ll have to use longer string.

Unless you’re a mini Griffon.

Griffons grow nails back in about a week… Bit if yer like me, it may take several weeks to a few months… My thumb nail took 5 months to grow back completely … But the skinnier your finger, the faster your nail will tend to grow

Should grow pretty quickly, the other nail was growing underneath for awhile. thanks!

I’d rather your weren’t…

That just makes me want to be even more.

King Kong vs. Griffon the battle of the…well month… ;D

lol I don’t have a left thumb nail
i haven’t had one for two years now
I also don’t remember what happened

and so your avatar becomes a griffon…