My collection.

Hey guys. I just wanted to show what throws I’ve been tossing the most these days. I got a couple new ones from before mwr and just wanted to show! Thanks!

Top: yyr stardust v2, Duncan barracuda, clyw bvm2, clyw Ac2
Top middle: yyr messiah, clyw X od summit, clyw Cliff, clyw bonfire
Lower middle: Werrd irony gba, Werrd irony prepro, Werrd irony jpx, Werrd tre
Bottom: Werrd fruiture, Werrd sentinel, Werrd indecision, another Werrd tre

Oops again, wrong section. :confused:

Looks great. I’ve been eyeing some of werrd yoyos for along time but don’t know which one to pick. Maybe you can suggest your favorite 3? Thanks :). BTW i have only played irony jpx and love it.