Looking to buy some old school throws!

Always looking for SPYY, Hspin, ILYY, TK, Kyo, Oxygene, X3, 3YO3, and any other unique throws I don’t have. Thanks!


That flying v is sweet! Always been a fan of the first run.

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What is the one on the left? The blue orange, and gold? one?

Rollout R1. Made in Italy.

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Ooh. I like that one a lot.

Btw what own that Dark Blue Light Blue Yellow Rust colored one? Custom Noctu? Idk it looks interesting, is that for trade, what the heck is it??

Rollout R1


:heart_eyes: There’s my dream e1ns :raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3: Scott’s collection is ungodly. Sadly none of this is going anywhere :cry:


Where is the E1ns, would love it if it’s a first edition, it’s prob painted but still can’t tell.

None of my ILYYs are for sale…

image image

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The e1ns is the little round boi with yellow and light blue splash over the pink base

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