LF: ILYY have cash and throws

Looking to expand my collection of ilyy throws. Specifically I’m looking for:

Enigma- blue large bearing version
St. Eel

I prefer mint or near mint. please provide a clear description of your throws including color, ano flaws, any damage, and any vibe issues. Also I prefer to have the pouch if you have it.

Also I prefer candy blasted over canodized finish but I realize some don’t come in candy blast versions.

Obviously I can’t buy/trade for all of these right now. But I am in a position pick up 2-4 if the trades/prices are right. All reasonable offers will be considered. Please PM me with which throws you have and your initial asking price if you are looking to sell. If you are looking to trade then tell me what you have and I’ll make a trade offer.

Finally, if anyone has a purple candy blasted Lynx, I would like to trade half of my gold lynx for half of your purple one.

Thanks in advance!

WOW! I’ve gotten a ton of offers here and on yyn. Thanks for the interest everyone, if I don’t get back to you right away it’s probably because I’m still going through all the offers to decide which ones I’m most interested in. I WILL RESPOND to all offers, just give me a little time. again thanks for all the responses!