My Collection: SPYY, CLYW, Recrev, Galactic goose, starlight, and offstrings

(LookAYoYo) #1

YYF: skyline
CLYW: campfire
ILYY: E1NS, Void
One Drop: 54
Generalyo: Hatrick
Crucial: anything
RecRev: Electric Daisy, i
offer anything.  i also like yyn highlights and cash as deal sweeteners.

Here is how it works, *** means that most offers will work, * means that i expect a fairly serious offer, and without a star means that i have no initial intentions to trade.  TRADES ONLY


*no 9:  got at DXL, black and silver.  special paisly engraving.


Punchline:  one of my favorite yoyos.  blue with yellow splash, i have had for around 4 months, still mint.

*skyy chaser: MIB c bearing orange 2009 worlds edition.


Wooly marmot: right now, i have a pink with red splash, but there is an ano defect, so i am exchaning it in for whatever andré has left.  great throw though, and in any colorway, it would be hard for me to let this go.


*Galactic Goose: got in a trade.  a few dings.  i forget the name of the colorway, but it is the brown one.  slightest vibe, noticeable on grinds.  offer high, because these are super rare, and i let go of my 5star for this baby.  maybe something rare, like a generalyo or something no longer in production.


***starlight: 1 ding that has some black on it.  very small.  plays fine with slight plastic vibe.


*** bigyo: offstring damage.  great for beginners learning how to catch

equinox: soo good.  silent.  slight marks, nothing major.

pictures of everything else comming soon.  ignore the 5star, and the GTO-f is pending.

also have some xbox 360 games, like halo 3***, wars*******, odst****; call of duty 4**, 5*** and mw2***; flashpoint***; assassin’s creed 1* and 2*; fallout 3 and new vegas; and some other stuff.  just ask about them.

i will be happy to silicone anything that you want that i have for no additional charge.

doubt any takers for this, but i also have a 70+ tourtle collection from when i was a kid.  all wood or stone or metal or marble… or wax… or paper… or adobe… or real shell.  none are living

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