I have a CLYW Galactic Goose for trade!!!!

I have a CLYW + Spyy Galactic Goose!  Plays great!  You don’t see these up too often!  Has some small marks as seen in the pics:

I’m looking to trade for:

Sony PSP- 3000 in really good condition
One Drop 54
Mint or near mint YYF California
Spyy Speedfreak
Spyy Addiction V2
Spyy Punchline
OG Project, OG Markmont
YYF Grind Machine 2
ILYY Liopleurodon or Sakura
YYF Skyline
Hspin NVX
Any Anti-Yo
Any YYR- Stardust
Avalanche or Gnarwhal
Pistolero w/ engravings
Remnant 2

i would trade u a skyline and pgm

Is this still available for trade?

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