My collection so far.

There are very few YYF’s in here so don’t get mad and start hating. lol I gave away my favorite YYF yoyo. The F.A.S.T. 201. Severly modded though.

Here it is. And its ever changing but this is it for now.

HMMM. It seems like I have a few Lyn Fury’s! lol

amazing and why so many lyns to you use them to experiment mods

Oooooh, man, you’re lucky. You got 2 Clear FHZs. I would ask to trade one for my Orange and White one but you already have one.

Clear zero’s stay home with me.

I teach a yoyo class at my Church every Sunday night and those were bought just for that.

Lucky…I want a Clear FHZ so bad…Are there any places where they’re still in stock?

And by the way, forgot to mention, great collection!

I’m pretty sure the Duncan store has them in stock.

Sick collection dude. 8)

Hopefully in a couple weeks I will have about 150 more yoyo’s in my possession!

:o the most ive had at one time is…6 i think (i trade wayyyy too much), but 150 PLUS what you already have!!! i wouldnt know what to do with them all lol

Ummm… What about me? JK!

Its called shipping them to stores! lol

Psst…a little birdie told me that YYE has 21 in stock…haha

gasp Agape!?!?!?!?

Yep. Not sure of the date but I’m working on it!

Answer me on this Ichtus, is any of your yoyos stock? ;D

Well sure! Most of them are stock.

omg i must have one lol, ill have to hunt one down on the bst later, im saving for the protostar now

Can’t wait for the Agape. This time, I will get one buddy.

It may be a little while. But I’m trying as hard as I can to get them done.

that is alot of yoyos