My Collection of 6 Yoyos+1 Which is coming soon

Pyramid Pic:

+1 Axiom coming in the mail!

Let me guess, green anodized worlds tanks, IDK, IDK, 10 FH2, Raider,some old competition coca cola yoyo.

Russel Coca-Cola
Pro-Fly, Fireball
Tank, 401K, ???


Lol nearly right

A lotta wrong


The Axiom hadn’t arrive yet

did it arrive yet???

Heres mine. Guess

frantic, speeder, axiom
FHZ, FHZ, axiom.

you already name some of it on your signature, i guess.
BTW, why don’t make a new thread about your own collection?

Nope.I’m wanting it rite now.

1 frantic,1 speeder,2fhz,2axiom.

Am i right?

Frantic, Speeder, Axiom
Lyn Fury, FHZ, Axiom



What do you think about it?

the axiom looks cool! but i have never tried one

I’ll write a review soon

See those bearings in the airtight packages?I’m using it,the ceramic one

Still trying to break in

does it play awesome!

So far its really satisfying.

UPDATE!!New collection pics!!

that looks really cool!

Yeah,Probably nothing new for now