My Chopsticks Emblem


What do you guys think?

Nice. Do you use Paint.Net? (If so, how to you make it so that the edges are fluffy on the hand with the yoyo?

I used to… But now I use Photoshop CS5.

If you made signatures that would be totally intense! I’d be first one to get one!

So want me to make you one? That’d be pretty cool…

PM me for the details you want! :slight_smile:

Stop using Precise settings on the glow. Try Soft instead. It gets rid of those annoying lines in the glow.

I’d recommend, instead of rendering the hand, redrawing it in Photoshop. Once you get a grasp of the Line Tool, it gets easy.

not a fan, too “complicated”, I would have gone with a pair of chopsticks, blank background and a nicer font, I could give it a shot, but I’m not really good in design and whatnot

I just made this for fun though. :smiley:

Back in April 2010, it was STAR TESTS. Me and my friends were done, and we were bored, so we started drawing and I ended up with that.


i made my signature… and i have an extra on for the mighty flea… if anyone wants to use it ill pm you the url