My bling rims I did today lol.


I was inspired to also try shining my rims so here is how mine turned out.

(yoyo jake) #2

pretty cool it would look cool with hubs i might get that razor yoyo and try something called ionbond its scratch proof but those rims are awesome


Thank you very mutch. Yah one things for certain that new razor will be a good one to test stuff on haha,

(Hardcore_Max) #4

looks pretty sweet, try hitting the rims with some alloy polish as well to really bring on the shine. I managed to get my DV888 rims cleaner than the rims on my car.


haha wow. Yah I am taking it into my job today they got some crazy good metal stuff, then when I go to school i really have some shiny swag lol.

(DOGS) #6

I actually reaaly like how on the edge of the rim there is still a little line. How challenging is this to do? I’ve had plenty experience with polishing and sanding wheels but is this any different? seems polishing DV888 rims is getting popular


Is it strange that I was expecting rhinestones?

Still awesome rims though!


Thanks you AgentFlynn and no its not really hard to do. I can send you my complete process if you want to PM me or i will just post it onto this post.