my axel fell out and will never be found again..what do i do?

so… the axel fell out of my C3 Capless… and is lost forever. I couldn’t find one here on yye and i dont know wether i should contact C3 or just take a ride to hardware store with the specs of the axel and try to find one. so… i would really appreciate some input or sugestions or whatever. also, i could use some input about lock-tight and wether it’s practical and such.


Go to a hardware store. If you dont want to, c3 will probably give you one free or <5$

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The hardware store is cheap and easy.

Just take the Yoyo or half of it and the specs of the axle. Find something near there and start seeing what fits. Mind you, do NOT force anything or screw it if it doesn’t go in, you will win your yoyo.


there’s no real downside to loctite. Just make sure you use blue.
But yeah, just take a half of your capless to the hardware store if you don’t have the specs, and try stuff out.
If they don’t have set screws in the size you need (mine don’t) you can just get a regular bolt and cut it. I use a saw or metal file to cut mine.


i’m sure I will end up doing this during the weekend

thanks guys…just needed a second opinion and that what I got!

Not sure about the capless, but the majority of yoyo axles are just metric m4x0.7 set screws of varying lengths.

Try those first.


I love my thread lock, it is a tape that you wrap around the axle, I have not tried lock tight. :frowning: