My 5th wedding anniversary presents. :)

For my 5th Anniversary I got a GZR Cascade and Babinga Sullivan! Both are awesome in their own way.

very nice dude, thats a good anniversary present IMO,lemme know how good tat 7075 treats the cascade shape 8)i bet its a monster

It is my first Cascade but already it is my favorite OD. I don’t know if the 7075 makes it better or if the Cascade is just a monster design. :slight_smile:

def a monster design on its own,i always enjoy that “liberty bell” organic shape. its a heck of design,i just bet that 7075 hits the string with some strength,and wth the incredible stability the cascade provides that weight can only make it better,im going to have to get one at some point,just babbling about makes my hands alil hungry XD

Congratulations mate!

If she’s willing to buy you yoyos for your anniversary, you know you’ve got yourself a keeper. Those GZR Cascades are just gorgeous… :o

5th anniversary is traditionally wood, so that Sullivan is a perfect choice. Now, what wood can you give to her in return?

Hey! Who said that!? This is a family site! That is just awful!

…sorry :wink:


congrats man!

I’m at a little over 5 years too! (anniversary was in May!)

5 years is nothing to sneeze at.

sweet throws too! :slight_smile:

Good looking Cascade. Really want one, but worried it’ll feel like a rock on the string…

Don’t they all weigh about the same?? Even if the cascade was a few grams heavier it would still be in the regular range… Mine(not a 7075) is my favorite throw I have! It is stable fast and spins forever!

That Babinga Sullivan is gorgeous. How does it compare in size to other woods?

No… It’s 2g heavier, nearly 69g.

If I get married this is going to be why.


Fantastic throws there, Jon! How does that wooden one play? Well I think at least it’s wooden :confused: you never know with throws these days!

Love the Sullivan! The hardest truck I have been able to land on it is the Matrix with an Eli hop. I keep coming really close to landing rewind but my technique isn’t quite clean enough to keep the spin time for the triple or nothing at the end.

The Sullivan is big! If you are wanting to start into wood I recommend the Baldwin over the Sullivan since it is closer in size to unresponsive throws and is easier to adjust. :slight_smile:

Have you played the Moxon as well? What about the Eh? I’m getting a new Eh for Xmas from my girlfriend, can’t decide which to get between Moxon and Sullivan though.

I have not played an Eh?, Moxon, or Irving. All of which use the same axle as the Sullivan. The Moxon was appealing to me because it is narrower than the Sullivan and looks like it was made as an improvement to the quite chunky Sullivan.
I would have bought the Moxon if it was in stock in Bubinga. :wink:

The Eh? looks interesting. I want to see more specs on it.

Performance wise I think it really comes down to personal preference I don’t think any shape will really drastically alter performance since with either you will have 10-15 seconds to do the tricks. :slight_smile:

Soooooo…were these yoyo’s given to you or thrown at you? Inquiring minds want to know! :wink:

Hopefully she is as happy as you, with the five years and her presents.