MVP LUNATIC or boss?

title says it all which one should i buy

Which ever shape you like best!! The MVP is quite big and the Boss and Lunatic are undersized so pick what would feel better in your hand.

Lunatic. Its the cheapest one there. Dont waste your money

Wow already? They’re out for a day. Come on now. If you want one, go with the one you think you’ll like more. They’ll all play great. And put this in the correct section.

yep, put it in the help/recomendation section of the forum…

As for the yoyos, it’s up to you, preference is key… :wink:

First two people to review the MVP and first two for the Lunatic get free stuff from YYF (says it here:

It’s kinda’ risky 'cuz someone could easily beat you too it, but YYF’s got a pretty reliable reputation, so it might be worth it anyway.