Mutant DNA mods

I am a big fan of mutant DNAs and have noticed that there aren’t many mods for the mutant online so I’m starting this topic to compile mods for the mutant.

More expensive yoyos like this are usually not mod-able. They are already made to near perfection so not much can be done. These aren’t really mods, but you could strip the yoyo with sandpaper, send it to someone to anodize it, or remove the hubstacks. Maybe add like O-Rings for weight but it is already crazy heavy so I wouldn’t do that.

For one modding aluminum yoyos is difficult and risky. Most people don’t want to risk a $125 yoyo and will mod something cheap like FHZ. But I guess you could satin it or of you want to take the risk you could reshape out on a lathe.