Must go today! Low price now or never!

Gotta get rid of some stuff that I don’t use anymore.

Selling only, no trades as I need the cash.

Chico Bulldog.

Very smooth player. The level of smoothness this yoyo has is amazing, its almost hard to tell its even spinning.
Has 1 ding which is shown in the photo, no other damage. Very nice yoyo.
52 shipped.

Free king

Very nice floaty yoyo. Awesome player. Really smooth and quick. Nice finish. Mint, awesome.
36 shipped.


All shipped prices are for the US only. As of now, I can’t ship internationally.
No trades!

If you have any questions,want to buy, want to rant etc, feel free to PM me!

Thanks for looking!


Does the free king have the Aoda bearing or a different one

(sigh) I wish I could buy that bulldog

Need them gone today.
Sadly, if I can’t sell them, I guess I have to throw them away…

NOOOOO!!! don’t. lol. I’m trying to get the bulldog, just need more $

i will give a very nice modded fhz that worth $40 for any of those yoyos and maby ill add fh2 yoyo and some string


He said pecifically no trades. NONE! I guess you didnt know.

I would buy the Bulldog but Sadly I live in canada.
i would buy any of thoose yoyos if i didnt live in canada.
Apparently he dosent ship internationally :frowning:

I’d actually be willing to ship to Canada but the shipping cost a bit more.
Its overseas places that have given me trouble in the past.