Multiple Selection-Bar-Tab Product Pages

Whenever a new version of a yoyo comes out, it’s always put on the same product page as its previous runs. An example of this is the YYF Genesis, which has a 2011, 2012, and 2013 Genesis all on the same page. Also the Onedrop Benchmark series, which had to be separated onto three product pages. When dealing with multiple colorways as well, you end up with a really long and confusing list to search through.

What if we had two of those selection-bar tabby things (to be reffered to as SBTT until further notice) to help shorten the lists? In the OD Benchmark’s case, have one SBTT for the shape, and one for the color. This is also useful for yoyos that have multiple years still in stock, or a 6061 and 7075 series (like Monkeyfinger Design). Maybe have an SBTT for SPLASH vs SOLID. It’s up to the producer.

I think this will be a nice little addition to the product page to make things a little bit easier to search through.