MTG Players of YYE: UNITE!

Hello fellow Magic: The Gathering players!

I’ve been playing for a long while and I’m wondering who plays on here. I know a few on here, but I’m still wondering.

Be happy to share your decks and your favorite cards.

I’ve got a wicked goblin deck and its built around a card that multiplies all the goblins on the field by 2. And adds that amount of 1/1 goblin tokens.

I honestly got really into the free with gold version of the 2013 game on Xbox live, and bought a starter deck and a few booster packs, and actually tried building a deck or two around dark cards and fire cards, but I am way too lazy to get serious about it :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s really fun to play though, I still play the Xbox version, and I still have the cards somewhere