MPLS-STP Area meet-up. Win a free Big Plastic Dream and/or a Aluminum Dream!

Not enough people. Cancelling this event. Will figure out what to do with the Aluminum Dream and Big Plastic Dream.

Adrian Velez

I’m definitely interested in coming to this. Unfortunately my son will still be out of town, so he can’t come to this one.

Eric Honaker

Hey guys, I’ve changed the date from Saturday to the day after, Sunday August 2nd. I forgot I have a wedding to attend on that Saturday. Time of event remains the same, starting at 1pm. Drawings at 1:15pm-1:20pm and 1:45pm-1:50pm

Are we required to go to the event to be in the drawing?
If not.
Trevor Easterbrook

I think you have to be there for the prize to count. Just in case,
Lac Phan

Sorry guys, you have to be there to win the prize. If you’re not there and I draw your name, I will pick another name. This is for Minnesotans and those who are able to come, which will probably be made up of Wisconsin and Iowa players as well… If they come.