Moving soon, these gotta go!

Cleaning house! I’m moving soon and these throws don’t get enough love anyway, so they gotta go. Prices are negotiable, CONUS shipped paypal F&F, I do bundle deals and include extra stuff, let’s talk! :slight_smile:

Atmos Pomelo (taro, some marks that don’t break ano) ~SOLD
Atmos Pomelo (oatmilk) ~SOLD
YYF Kapital (red/orange acid wash) ~$50
TP Hinemosu (red/purple halfswap) ~TRADED
Sengoku Hattori (black, one tiny mark) ~TRADED
C3 Speedaholic MAX (black/galaxy halfswap) ~$70
Chopsticks Gorilla (blue on blue) ~$135
G2 GBP (blackout) ~$75
YYF Protostar (44clash) ~$30
CLYW Yeti (green, vibey) ~$10 addon to any other yoyo
UNPRLD Antidote (bapeswap) ~TRADED
Duncan Butterfly XT (NFK +plastic case and extras, no sticker) ~TRADED
“soaring eagle” yoyo ~$free addon to whoever wants it

Things I’m looking For:
Jamie Larkins Ed. Radical Seas Siren v2 (smug anime girl engraving)
Fountain of dreams/Galaxy Throw Spiral Kappa
Saturday Market Day Tripper
Pop Art w/counterweight
TP, YYR, Cool SPYY/ILYY/YYJ, Interesting fixies or yoyos with weeb stuff tacked on, etc etc, just offer whatever

My feedback thread:


birthday bump :flushed:


@bheinz63 GBP Black Out - you might be interested?

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Oooof, I am super interested (love black on black bimetals). If I didnt snag 3 yoyos during YYF amayzing sale (r type, black/black iQ, capped american) I’d be all over this right now

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