FS/FT: Atmos, ILYY, OD, and more!

FS/FT, prices include First Class CONUS shipping and Paypal G&S, if you’re int’l we can work it out! Everything here is mint, some barely played more than once.

Shuriken Juji TRADED
Atmos Pomelo SOLD!
ILYY Mango Pybit SOLD!
Markmont MCMO $100 (Sale Pending)
OD Deep State SOLD!
ODxOhYesYo Lunar Eclipse $130
YYF Knockout SOLD!
Duncan YoshicudaX $80
RCS Showpony (bgrade) $20

What I’m looking for:
ODxStaticCo Sudo
A-rt Grail/420/Diptych/Triptych
RSO Bowl 7068
RSO Bowl Mini D Bearing (6061) (Specifically Orange, Crayon Edition or Agrade)


Early morning bump, happy Sunday/Funday y’all!

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Ugh, is it really Monday already?
Hope y’all had a grand weekend!

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Found a Quail yesterday!

Btw, prices are negotiable and I am always happy to trade in your favor (even with cash on top) If you’ve got what I want!

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Free bump!

Someone should get the JUJI from Bruce as only 25 units were made in silver…

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More than halfway through the work week now, the weekend is nigh!

We’ve made it, folks!

Happy Fri-yay!!!

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Bumpity bump bump, hope y’all are having a grand weekend so far!

I’ll take the Pomelo if its still available.

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Yes, I’ve sent you a message with more details, cheers!

I don’t know about y’all, but that weekend went by way too fast!

Pomelo is sold, but there’s still some serious fire here, message me if you see something you’re interested in :slight_smile:

ILYY Mango Pybit is now sold!

Heading to the post office later this afternoon.
See something you’re into? Then message me now for same day shipping today!

Also, I updated my want list…and I now have some cash money from these sales burning a hole in my pocket :sunglasses::money_mouth_face:

Happy hump day bump day!

Halfway through the work week now :sweat_smile:

bump bump bump for a great guy

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Thursday, the day of thunder!

Weekend is almost here…and this one is extra special because we have Central Florida Yoyo Club on Saturday!!!

I’ll be bringing the remainder of this listing plus others for in person BST goodness, hope to see some of y’all there!

Feel free to message me for more info or checkout the thread here:

YYF Knockout has been sold, I’m off to the post again later today…happy Fri-yay y’all!!!

Yoooooooo, today is Yoyo Club day!!!

Bumpity bump bump, happy Saturday folks!