FS/FT: Atmos, ILYY, OD, and more!

Bump bump, just a few left!

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Morning folls, the weekend is almost here!

Don’t forget, my prices are negotiable and bundles make shipping easy for me!

Happy Fri-yay folks!

Working from home today, that means same day shipping if you get at me before 2pm EST today.

Did I mention I’m ready to close this thread? There’s deals to be had, just send me a message and we can wheel and deal :wink:

You can check my rep here if you’re feelin wary:

Spooky bump, happy Halloween!

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Oh no, it’s Monday! Argh!

Bump bump :upside_down_face:


Bump bump hump-day price drop!

Oi, it’s Thursday (Thor’s day)!

Bump bump, prices are negotiable…I have cash to add on top for trades of interest (just don’t tell my wife!)

She knows, but seriously, don’t tell her :3

Fri-yay folks! The weekend is practically here!!!

So, I only have 2 yoyo packages in the mail at the moment…rookie numbers, gotta pump those up!

Get at me if you have something on my want list, even if you aren’t interested in a trade :money_mouth_face:

Bump bump! Buy my stuff :3

Oi, it’s hump day! Like halfway?

Bump bump

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Bump bump

Happy Friday!!!

Couple price drops, these are still for sale!
Bumpity bump bump

Getting ready to head to the post to ship some stuff, message me now for same day shipping!

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