Motion YoYo - update 8/5 new introduction video

Love the proto blue :blush:

The purple is so good though!


Im seeing a huge variation in the purple color in pictures, whats accurate?

No huge variation / it’s the way the light hits it. It’s almost iridescent on the glistening amethyst. It’s just truly that beautiful

The Terra Amor colorway is the blasted colorway and it’s a blasted finish - also very pretty but doesn’t reflect light the same way. PM me if you want me to send you a video of both.


The perpetual is just so good. I got the blasted purple boi and it’s gorgeous. It really does depend on how the light hits the blast, which hue of purple comes out. Sometimes it’s a deep dark purple, other times it comes out almost pearlescent purple/pink. Stunning. I bought a second, had to snag a polished red w black rims. This yo-yo is too good not to have a back up… at least, for the players who enjoy lots of power with just enough grace to make it super fun to play with.


Reading through all of these posts is really making me antsy and getting my hopes up for mine to arrive! 90% of my collection is made up of bimetals, but the Perpetual truly looks to be 1 of a kind!


Review is in on Nate Reviews yo-yos


A Huge thank you to @Jaysworld for the awesome shots of Terra Amor and Infurious Red.

I just want to drop a thank you to everyone who has warmly supported Motion YoYo, our vision, and our determination to get the best yo-yos ever designed into your hands. Thank you for all the encouragement and private messages with the feedback I have received. It’s also been super encouraging not to see any resold - this tells me we are doing something right.

Thank you again sincerely


Prototype - centrifugal (motion)

Perpetual started us off and is still one of the best YoYo designs I have ever had the pleasure of playing, so I’m asking myself, “what can I do better than Perpetual?” I realized I was asking the wrong question entirely. Introducing the working prototype from Motion YoYo the centrifugal (motion). Once again you will find that we carried over a very unique rim design that is functional and very edgy, we have our distinctive cuts, and with this design aesthetically, less is more. Sharing inspiration from some of the big Bi-metal W shapes that are out there, we wanted to put our twist on a tried and true design, and once again we nailed it. A huge shoutout to @hobbygod for knocking the CAD work out of the park once again, the guy can literally read my mind on what I am looking for and it’s always executed flawlessly. Perpetual is an instant classic, and we are sure that centrifugal will also find its way into your top 5 spot. Drop a line - share your thoughts.

This is Motion


Our first two releases - both shown in prototype blue, you can see the vast difference between the two :slight_smile:


ohhhhhh she wider than perpetual! thank you this is exactly what i wanted to see (as if i wasn’t gonna cop one regardless)


@Bjorn_ofyoyo doing am unboxing of our new new


You beat me to it! Thank you boss man!


I cannot gush about this yoyo enough. The Centrifugal Motion has in the past three days become my absolute go to everyday performer.

Now take this with a grain of salt bc I pretty much ONLY play Bimetals, and have grown to be extremely picky since I am unable to buy very many yo-yos now a days.
I don’t play with monometals or plastics or hybrids. Of course I have a few. But the perpetual, and the centrifugal have 1000% taken my top two spots in my collection. They’ve tought me what exactly I want in a yo-yo. These models are as good as it gets people. You really really don’t want to miss either of these models.

There’s not a huge backing for Motion right now, but for those who know already, we make 10/10 products. That’s a very big statement to claim. But I’ll die on this hill, and I hope the rest of the community realizes at some point that Motion yo-yo, makes nothing but the best, stellar pieces of art and performance.


Already can’t wait!!! Love the first release. I know only the second throw however they are producing :fire: :fire: :fire:


Thanks for the support everyone,

I can’t explain exactly just how much I love perpetual and centrifugal, they are such premium yo-yos that if it were released by many other companies they would be more than double the price.

I encourage you all to ask for reviews, ask for feedback, there are over 50 perpetuals in the wild right now, and to my knowledge not one has been resold…. What does that say?

I know it’s hard to take a chance on a brand with your hard earned money. But I can promise you one thing and we say it in our mission statement, every unboxing experience is going to leave you pleased and wanting the next release.


These yoyos are no joke. Don’t be left missing out.


Me rambling about design aspects of our flagship release - give it a watch, like, and subscribe


Check out our upcoming release the centrifugal- thank you to @Bjorn_ofyoyo for the editing


I’ll need to get my hands on this one, that shape is dreamy


Thanks @MaximShoots would be honored to see some shots of this one. You do an amazing job for this community - keep it up and thank you for the kind words!