Most unresponsive bearing?

I am sure this has been beat to death, but, I have the dark magic and for some reason it wont spin nearly as long as my punchline or 888. I tried cleaning it, thin lube, silicone spray lube, purple extreme.
Then I bought the central brand center trac bearing and it looks like that was a mistake.

Who makes the longest spinning least responsive bearings? It could be center trac style or not. I am not set on either. And where do I pick it up?

Thanks, Steve

I prefer the stock YYJ bearings myself. There is no “longest spinning and least responsive” bearing. With the exception of very few they all do their job as well as any other. The responsiveness of any given bearing is directly related to how it is set up. I can take any bearing (with the exception of a few as already noted) and clean it out nicely so that it spins for a long time as is unresponsive. I can also take any bearing, including that bearing from before, and lube it to play quiet and responsive.

Th point is that how you set it up matters. What you do to the bearing will affect it much more than what bearing it is.

Ok that is interesting…

SO basically less lube = less response If I am reading your comment right.
Thin yoyojam lube will make it responsive? Less obviously than thick.
Clean and dry = least resistance = least response?

Please correct me if I am wrong…

Also do the shields add any resistance? Are you removing both sides for longest spin times?

Thanks, Steve

thin lube=less response

SO I took out both shields and stuck it on a pencil, sprayed it down spinning it with aerosol silicone lube. Dried it out and it is better, less responsive and spins for a good long time. Quiet also… Hopefully without the shield does not make it get dirty super quick.

Thanks guys,

Yep, that is correct.

Nope, the shields have close to no effect. Having the shields off will make it easier to clean and lube the bearing, however. Also, the shields are not that necessary on a yo-yo. They are designed for when bearings are used in dusty and dirty areas such as skateboard bearings.

yoyojam concave bearing

Your YYJ bearing should be fine. But if you want the MOST spin time out of a bearing leaving it dry (no lube of any kind) will do that. Lube is to keep it quiet and increase the lifespan of the bearing. Although, how loud the bearing is can change, the bearing in my Punchline is dry and way more quiet than the SPEC (with some thin lube) in my Dv888.

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